Thursday, October 1, 2015

UK researchers ask you to submit your opinions about gene editing - link to web survey. #CRISPR

Dr. Lara Marks and Dr. Silvia Camporesi would like you to tell them your opinions about gene editing technology via their online survey.   What do you think? Let them know.  

Dr. Marks edits the hosting website, What is Biotechnology.   Dr. Camporesi is a bioethicist at Kings' College London.

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  1. People always worried about the side effects of this technology: will it be taken advantage of bad guys and become a biological weapon? will it have bad effects on our entironment? For my own opinion, those worries make no sense. The CRISPR Cas technology was mean to be found. Can we just lock it or ban it? You may ban this technology, but you can not ban the curiosity of human beings. We can only well-control it when we know it clearly.