Wednesday, October 28, 2015

#CRISPR / gene editing featured at Festival of Genomics Nov. 3-5 in San Mateo. #genomicsfest

I will be participating in a CRISPR mouse editing workshop next week (Nov. 3) at The Festival of Genomics, in San Mateo, CA.  The full workshop title is "CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing Pipelines for Mice and Rats" and I'll be joined by Thom Saunders (University of Michigan) and Kevin Peterson (The Jackson Laboratory).  

The Festival of Genomics is a fairly new, recurring conference that has a lower registration fee than most traditional scientific-society meetings.  The speaker lineup for the meeting next week is pretty strong, with a strong biotech presence not surprising given the locale, but also strong plenaries from academics as well (Jennifer Doudna, of course; Carlos Bustamante, Manolis Kellis etc).  

Looks like Tues. Nov. 3 is mostly workshops, and Weds & Thurs Nov. 4-5 will feature plenary talks in the morning and then four concurrent tracks of sessions: Genome Editing, Genome Analysis, Genomic Medicine, and Data Analysis.    If you're in the SF bay area, check it out.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Updated guidelines for mouse #CRISPR injections in the Vanderbilttransgenic core.

I have revised the CRISPR guidelines on our Vanderbilt transgenic core's website.

Basically it describes the basic information about what to do, and more importantly what to know, to get a CRISPR mouse project started through our core.   This may be most useful for my Vanderbilt peeps but others may find it interesting, as it gives some insight into how our core facility is communicating these sorts of guidelines to our users.  

These guidelines are not heavy on the up-front, nitty-gritty CRISPR design aspects as there are other places to find that stuff - for example, in the archives of this blog, as well as through the links I provide on the right side of this blog page to some helpful tools.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

UK researchers ask you to submit your opinions about gene editing - link to web survey. #CRISPR

Dr. Lara Marks and Dr. Silvia Camporesi would like you to tell them your opinions about gene editing technology via their online survey.   What do you think? Let them know.  

Dr. Marks edits the hosting website, What is Biotechnology.   Dr. Camporesi is a bioethicist at Kings' College London.